Surviving Along the Edge

XLT Data Log 1.0

Data Log 1.0 (XLT-1013)

Below is a collection of information hacked from R-2 unit at warehouse owned by Gulga the Hutt on Nar Shaddaa in the Y’Toub system. Though such clandestine efforts are new to me, I am learning that they are necessary if one is to survive in this line of work, and in this region of the galaxy.


A complete inventory of warehouse which includes:

Crate of 32 Blaster pistols: Vandis Hansel (com code: 42748-485) pick up expected.
Rack of 4 battle droids: deliver to Henrik Fued (com code: 74848-963) for reprogramming
Pallet of Stims: Vandis looking for buyer.
4 Crates Ryl Spice: earmarked for first delivery to station.
2 Crates Booster Blue: For QrtrMstr Season(com code: restricted) on Relentless
2 Fay Travis tapestries: commissioned by Gulga for delivery to station
A crate of Wookiee gladiators – feed once daily, pick up by Colbern (Com code 74383-863) imminent, delivery to station on Colbern’s Skyburn expected this evening.
As well as various other items of lesser importance.


Other items of note:
Colbern turned in a contract for Banjaxx Wab and collected a ‘Smooth’ 10k from Gulga

Indication that 245,473 credits were transferred to Gulga’s holding account 764-8457b-848c to be transferred to Jabba. The origin account is not listed.

Through a series of not very well encrypted communications you know that Gulga is paying a Vandis Hansel to disrupt Kurka business.

Security tapes of clandestine conversations between the now deceased ‘Smooth’ Banjaxx Wab and Kurka about spying on Gulga, without any useful information concerning Gulga’s operations. The most useful information he has managed to discover is the secret recipe for Rodian Julep.

Also included is indication that Gulga plans to plan for business expansion to the following difficult to reach worlds; Ord Vaxal, Branth, Dontamo and Despayre, Point Nadir. Despayre, Ord Vaxal and Point Nadir may need an aggressive strategy for the removal of the head of current supply network.


There is also 2 highly encrypted files.


Comm. messages involving the disappearance of Gulga’s son Brak. Gulga believes he is being held by Black Sun (Crime Syndicate located on Corusant – The Core Worlds) and that Kurka is responsible.


NOTE: VIRAL COUNTERMEASURES isolated and loaded into EXECutable file (VIR0110.1z)

XLT-1013's Nav Map

Surviving along the edge nav map 01

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