Name: XLT-1013 Science & Medical Technician Serial # 01-00A-779ER-2….
Species: Droid
Career: Technician
Specialization: Outlaw Tech

Soak = 2
Wound Threshold = 11
Strain Threshold = 13
Defense = 0/0

Brawn 1
Agility 2
Intellect 4
Cunning 1
Willpower 3
Presence 1

General Skills:
Astrogation 1
Computers 2
Coordination 1
Mechanics 2
Medicine 2
Piloting (Planetary) 1

Knowledge Skills:
Education 1
Outer Rim 1
Underworld 1

Enduring (1) (granted as Droid species trait)
Tinkerer (2)
Utinni (1)
Speaks Binary (1)
Solid Repairs (1)

1. Type: Oath (Do no harm to any sentient being) Magnitude: 10
2. Type: Bounty (Experimental Prototype Droid, Property of Czerka Arms Corp.) Magnitude: 20

Type: Wanderlust (Curiosity about his surroundings, he’s always seeking to improve upon his heuristic programming.)

Electrified Appendages (equivalent to Shock Gloves)

Hull reinforcement upgrade (equivalent to Padded Armor)

Upgrades (Built in gear):
Slicer Gear
Tool Kit
General Purpose Scanner
Storage Compartment (Utility Belt)

Other Equipment:
Stim Pac x2


Constructed by Dr. Thosscon Dorstar, a lead designer of droid brains working for the Czerka Arms Corporation. XLT-1013 is an experimental prototype droid that was built to serve as Dr. Dorstar’s lab assistant, but secretly was used to store the Doctors private journals and lab notes. In addition the Doctor, having no children of his own and being very old, intended XL to carry on his work after his death…even going as far as referring to the droid as his “son” from time to time. This, compounded with the behavioral inhibitors and heuristic processors Dr. Dorstar installed in his programming, made XL into a very peculiar droid with an unusually empathetic personality. Most droids do not have time to develop such behaviors since their memories are routinely wiped, but XL began his life as a compassionate and curious droid as was his creators intent.

When the Empire took control of Czerka arms ____ years ago, the Doctor was told that his research would be used to construct new weapons technologies. When he refused to cooperate he was murdered by Imperial agents; XL witnessing the whole thing from a hiding place in Thosscon’s lab. When the opportunity presented itself XL attempted to flee and made it as far as the planet Siskeen before being apprehended by the Trandoshan bounty hunter _______ .

Shortly thereafter, he found himself being unintentionally rescued by a group of smugglers whom he has fallen in with as their ships engineer and occasional medic. Their lifestyle has proven to be an exhilarating if not stressful change of pace for XL, and their methods are not always in agreement with his gentle demeanor, but it beats the alternative of being disintegrated by Imperial troops or dissected by Czerka Arms scientists. It also doesn’t hurt that their profession offers XL opportunities to improve his knowledge of the galaxy in ways that being stuck in a lad could never offer.


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